Mao’s Big Bumbling Legacy

Mao Xinyu at the CPPCC this year. Photo from here

Mao Xinyu is Mao Zedong’s only grandson, and he is not only quite rotund but also noticeably lacking in rhetorical ability. Both qualities are on display in this recent video (chinese). For all that however, Grandson Mao holds a Ph.D in military history, sits in China’s legislative body the CPPCC, and last year became the youngest ever Major General of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA).

If that list of accomplishments itself isn’t enough to make clear why some have cried nepotism, it doesn’t help that Mao the younger is know for constantly playing up his ancestry. The title of Mao Xinyu’s book: Grandfather Mao Zedong. Rounding out his resume as a  role model Grandson Mao has two kids in a country where most are allowed only one.

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One Response to Mao’s Big Bumbling Legacy

  1. eric says:

    I had some conversations with several chinese friends about this guy. I think nepotism, political patronage are certainly bad, yes, but as far as this particular individual is concerned it is worth having him around for the easy object of humor that he is. It’s healthy to laugh, and laughing at Mao Xinyu does China more net good than his actions could do harm. It’s good to have absurd extremes that parody themselves. Inshallah in the long run these types of characters will serve as warnings, wake-up-calls, and focuses of meditation that inspire discussion, action, and change. For example, Sarah Palin helped make the election of Barack Obama popular. I’m not sure this logic is bulletproof in this circumstance, but you know I’m a relentless optimist. Let’s just enjoy the giggles and endlessly easy Mao Xinyu jokes.

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