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Recycling: Personal To Professional

Some recycling news: A pilot program in 55 Chinese cities succeeded in increasing recycling rates to 70%, and the government announced plans to improve official waste collection systems. China usually shows up on the recycling map as a processing center … Continue reading

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One of the Chinese government’s favorite buzzwords is ‘harmonious society.’ It’s Hu Jintao’s signature, and undoubtedly deserves a nod of approval from policy linguists for it’s succinct and pleasing synthesis of cooperation and ‘don’t rock the boat’. The term, however, … Continue reading

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The Chinese call it ChaoZuo 炒作

Barred from the luxury of sating appetites for controversy and sex through political coverage, the Chinese media has found safe, and fertile, ground in absurd, disgusting and, more often than not, lascivious human interest stories. Combine an ongoing cultural transformation … Continue reading

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On Individualism

Some amateur, overblown social theorizing extrapolated from a few recent observations: I teach English. We often talk about the impact of commercial culture and consumerism in class, perhaps because it seems to be a particularly relevant topic, and I am … Continue reading

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