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Beijing’s Urban Form Conundrum

For all the capital’s draws as a center of history, culture and politics, and despite the palpable sense of energy that comes from being at the heart of a country on the rise, Beijing is not a particularly livable city. … Continue reading

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A Good Book About China’s Environment

Today I finished reading Jonathan Watts’ When a Billion Chinese Jump, a book about China’s environment, and it’s problems. It’s good. It points to China’s place at the center of a lot of global environmental problems and the challenges of … Continue reading

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Recycling: Personal To Professional

Some recycling news: A pilot program in 55 Chinese cities succeeded in increasing recycling rates to 70%, and the government announced plans to improve official waste collection systems. China usually shows up on the recycling map as a processing center … Continue reading

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License Plate Lottery

This is a story that can only happen in China, and it point out the unique challenges facing China’s development and the unique solutions the government comes up with to deal with them. The Beijing government has started conducting a … Continue reading

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Blackouts and Climate Change

China is so far ahead of America on climate change action that they are shutting off electricity to cities and factories around the country to meet conservation targets. Though not a sign of a particularly well run policy, it does … Continue reading

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The Municipal Heating Office

The heat was turned on in Beijing on November 1st. Yes, the entire city uses one central heating system, a heating system that is presided over by one central agency. On Monday, in their wisdom, The Municipal Heating Office pressed … Continue reading

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